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4 Point Inspections $150 within Pasco, Pinellas Counties

Easy Home Inspections is now

servicing Pasco, Pinellas, Marion, Sumter, and Lake,

Florida Counties. Other Counties by Special Request!

Melyssa S 7/17/21

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Steve was a welcome breath of fresh air at the end of an agonizingly LONG 203k process. He was the FIRST person to treat me with dignity, respect & professionalism.

Steve was my ADVOCATE. He went to bat on my behalf with the bank to ensure I had the time I needed to complete the job after being taken advantage of by a company that took half my money and ran out the clock with minimal work completed.

I specifically requested a new HUD consultant, against my banks wishes, because the former consultant had released money for repairs that had not been done and when I asked for help became abusive to me on the phone.

Steve did not waste my time. He was the first person in this project who actually LISTENED to me and cared that my project was done well and in a timely manner.

He offered advice that was professional and understood my unique situation. His calm and businesslike manner enabled me to trust him after having been treated like a child rather than a homeowner by the previous people involved in this project.

As someone on the spectrum who purchased my first house after age 50, with one of the most complex loans out there, this process has been an absolute nightmare.

Since Steve became involved, everything has moved smoothly and the way it should have from the beginning.

If you are in need of a consultant for an HUD 203k project, this is the company for you. I cannot recommend Steve enough.

The name of the company says it all.