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CE Class Description and Fees
Join us for an entertaining and informative two-hour course that is designed for Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors. HUD Consultant #P1767 and Home Inspector #298 Stephen Cantelli will give you some insights on Home Maintenance and how it affects sellers, buyers, real estate sales and Home Inspectors.
Instructor – Stephen Cantelli
  • Over 40 years’ experience in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Military Construction.
  • Managed Construction Projects up to $35 million as Operations Manager, Lead Estimator, Senior Project Manager, Safety Director, Project Manager, Superintendent and Business Owner.
  • Past Exeter, NH Historic District Commission Chairman
  • Over 2 years Instructor to the Real Estate Industry.
  • 19 years part time Home Inspector. 3 Years full time 203k Consultant and Home Inspector.
Maine CE Credit – Program# CN664C001LE – 2 Hour Course
Learning Objectives – Home Maintenance
1.       Educate on Internachi Standards of Practice.
Participants will gain a clearer understanding of the standards to help better serve their clients.
2.       Educate on maintenance on whole structure
Participants will understand that the structure must be maintained to keep its value for the future sale of the property.
3.       Discuss Seasonal Maintenance
Participants will discuss what seasonal needs they think their clients would need as homebuyers. Participants will learn from each other’s ideas.
4.       Discuss Easy solutions to difficult Maintenance issues
Participants will learn easy solutions to some difficult maintenance, ie moss on roof.
5.       Discuss service life of equipment.
Participants will leave the class with an understanding of the difference of many common pieces of equipment seen every day. They will learn to distinguish short life from long life.
6.       Discuss Common Ailments of a home.
Participants will discuss amongst themselves ailments they have seen in their own home and relate that to seller and buyers common problems.
Classes to be held in our classroom in Rochester, NH. Refreshments served. Maximum 8 persons per class. Once we receive 8 participants, we will schedule the class.
Classes will be held on Wednesdays 6 to 8 pm.
Fees are $20 hour/ $40.00 Class. You will receive a book and certificate of completion

Pay at PAYPAL ----------stevedivesudnh2@ymail.com
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